The babble of a writer makes for dull reading.

15 November 1989
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(Credit to cowboyhd)

I'm Cookies, a student in Devon, England who spends her life trying not to fail school and stalking the interwebz.

This journal is used for my fanfiction, and rants on the mundane occurances in my life. I attempt to be at least mildly entertaining, but fail regularly. My fiction tends to be rather angsty and short, because I fail at plots. Or happy!fic. My bad.

My friending policy is very relaxed; if you friend me, I'll friend you. If I've friended you, it's because you're very talented and very nice. Either way, I wish for your talents. *jealousy*

A full archive of my Doctor Who/ Torchwood fiction is available on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, as manyshadesoflove.

Even Twitter is not safe from my fiendish words: cookiesofkarma. Enjoy my rambling in tasty, 140 character nibbles.

Well I hope that was fascinating. Just remember kids, Time Agents are whores. Cookies.